2021: ASQA’s New Regulatory Changes

ASQA’s latest reforms to regulatory culture and practice – 6 April 2021

Changes include (Ref: ASQA, Mar 2021):

  • Revisions to ASQA’s assessment methodology – to provide for a better understanding of sector performance and a greater focus on self-assurance and continuous improvement in training outcomes.
  • Establishing new teams [in ASQA] to more clearly distinguish the work involved in monitoring provider performance (Quality Assessors) from the work to determine our regulatory response when non-compliance is identified (Compliance Officers).
  • Providing for more proportionate responses in managing non-compliance through the introduction of an agreement to rectify with opportunities for providers to address non-compliance in a more systemic and sustainable way.
  • Introduction of the Internal Review team to provide earlier opportunities to resolve disputed decisions.
  • Implementing legislative changes that see us publishing more information, more efficiently, about our decisions (from March 2021).

ASQA’s next steps include:

  • revising the Annual Declaration on Compliance to better support provider self-assurance and continuous improvement
  • delivering our next webinar featuring a panel session with an industry expert, Claire Field. This forms part of our webinar series on self-assurance, and further information will be provided soon and
  • continuing to work with providers, peak representative bodies, and the Stakeholder Liaison Group (SLG), to develop examples and case studies that help build a shared understanding of self-assurance.

For more information, See – https://www.asqa.gov.au/news-events/news/asqa-releases-summary-report-self-assurance-consultation