ASQA’s Audit Model

We understand that an audit can be an onerous task for some providers. ASQA’s student-centred audit approach, introduced in late 2016, are organised around five key phases of;

  • Student experience;
  • Marketing and recruitment;
  • Enrolment;
  • Support and progression;
  • Training and assessment; and
  • Completion

Depending on the provider registration, an audit will focus on regulatory standards including:

  • Standards for RTOs 2015
  • The National Code 2018
  • ELICOS National Standards 2018

A sample mapping table is provided below (Ref: ASQA, 2018):

Key phases of the student journey

ASQA may conduct site audits for new registration applications, extension of scope, new CRICOS location/campus, capacity increases, compliance review or audits prompted by complaints or change in management.

Audit Preparation & Assistance

We assist providers with planned, structured, and quality-focussed external (e.g. ASQA) audit preparation that includes;

  • Compliance review and internal audit
  • Detailed report on non-compliances and areas for improvement
  • Suggested remedies and rectifications
  • Audit strategy
  • Audit attendance
  • Post-audit rectifications/responses

We emulate ASQA’s audit process and help providers have a rigorous internal review process, and an opportunity to rectify non-compliances internally, prior to an ASQA audit. An internal audit/review usually takes 1-2 days on-site. A formal report is provided with all the non-compliances and areas of improvement identified – with recommendations for rectifications and improvements. We also assist with implementation of quality measures and operational improvements.

We can also assist with post-audit rectifications if ASQA has provided the advice.

Complete information on ASQA’s audit process can be found at;

ASQA Audits:

Contact us if you need more information on audits and how can we best assist you in your situation.