Complete and Comprehensive RTO & CRICOS Documents

RTO Quality Management System – Policies, Procedures, Forms, Agreements, Registers & QA Framework

We have developed unique and comprehensive RTO and CRICOS documents that and meet the reqirements of Standards for RTOs 2015 and The National Code 2018. The complete document set provides a comprehensive management and compliance system that can be deployed straight away to get your RTO up and running. Based on quality principles (ISO9001: 2015), quality and compliance are embedded in each and every operation and process.

  • Unique and dedicatedly developed for RTOs and CRICOS providers
  • Aligned with standards and structured based on ASQA’s audit model
  • Contains policies, procedures, forms, guidelines, agreements, presentations – and illustrated flow charts
  • All RTO and CRICOS document needs in one pack
  • For both initial/new registrations and existing providers
  • Easy to implement and manage
  • Based on quality and continuous improvement principles with supporting policies and framework

Provided under our license (one-time license fee) for unlimited use within the RTO.

A Complete Documents Solution – A Complete Quality System

These documents and tools are part of our exclusive pack of;

  • Quality Manual
  • Policy and Procedure Manual
  • Student Handbook
  • Staff Handbook
  • Audit and Compliance Guide
  • Agreements: Student, Agency, Staff
  • Job Descriptions
  • Registers
  • Student Orientation Presentation
  • Staff Induction Presentation

The Quality Manual contains all the above listed tools and processes – and designed in accordance and flow with ASQA’s new Audit Model. It also contains structures for quality management and governance best practice.

Key Focus Areas – Existing RTOs

We have also developed effective processes for key compliance areas that have traditionally been a concern for many RTOs – and are now focus of audits under the new ASQA approach;

  • Industry Consultation
  • Pre-Enrolment Learner Needs Analysis
  • Pre-Training Assessment
  • LLN and Learning Support
  • Industry Consultation
  • Assessment Validation
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Agency/Agent Monitoring
These documents and processes are contained within our docuements pack.

Fully Mapped and Evidence-Supported

All policies and procedures are mapped to Standards for RTOs 2015 (SRTOs) and The National Code 2018 (CRICOS providers), and provide an evidence guide for meeting audit and compliance requirements in each are.

Our documents and systems are designed based on Total Quality Management (TQM) principles (ISO 9001) and collectively provide one of the most comprehensive RTO systems in the sector, highly regarded equally by the auditors and the RTOs.

On-going support and advice is available all the time. Any changes in the standards or regulatory requirements are notified and implemented by mutual consultation.

ELICOS National Standards 2018

For ELICOS-CRICOS providers, we can provide a tailored documents pack that meets the requirements of ELICOS National Standards 2018 and The National Code 2018.

A separate evidence pack for NEAS endorsement can also be provided.

Contact us for more information.


New and prospective RTOs have the opportunity to implement these documents and processes from the start to establish a robust compliance and quality-based foundation.

Existing RTOs have the option to review their existing systems and implement the required solution – or completely implement our quality-based system.

We brand and contextualise the documents to each RTO and help implement them at operational level.


Customised solutions and fees are offered based on your existing system and specific needs.

Complete package fee is available – and is the most economical for the RTOs.

The RTOs will have the license to use, modify, improve, and customise the documents as they see fit for their purpose. The license is extended for the life of the RTO.

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