Complete Initial Registration Solutions

E-Skills Australia is one of the leading RTO and compliance consultancy companies in Australia.

We have taken the hard work out of the complex and intensive initial registration process. To assist the new providers, we have integrated all our services to provide a COMPLETE consultancy to product solution in one place; including, consultancy, business and strategic planning, documents, assessment tools, agreements, guides, marketing materials/websites. We fully project manage your application from preparation to lodgement and manage ASQA’s registration and audit processes.

Our initial registration process includes;

Step 1:

  • Initial meeting and discussion on the planned RTO (e.g. types, size, location, campus, industry, courses etc.)
  • Review of management and business structures
  • Review of the planned/proposed facilities and resources
  • Finalisation of timeline and formal engagement

Step 2:

  • Development of a Business Plan
  • Assistance with the Financial Viability Risk Assessment
  • Development/review/update of a policy framework
  • Determination of staffing requirements and arrangements
  • Finalisation of organisational chart

Step 3

  • Development/review/update of marketing materials
  • Development of RTO’s website (provisional)
  • Development of key documents, guidelines, and procedures
  • Development/review/update of the proposed course materials and assessment tools
  • Finalisation of scope items

Step 4:

  • Due compliance procedures
  • Internal review and ASQA self-assessment (RTO and/or CRICOS)
  • ASQA application

Step 5:

  • ASQA audit preparation
  • ASQA audit attendance

New applicants please note, there is no rectification opportunity for initial registration applications under ASQA’s new audit approach since 1 July 2018.

We, therefore, ensure that the pre-application and pre-audit processes and documentation are robust and quality-assured. Most of the required documents, assessment tools, supporting materials and website are provided by us.

What we Need from You?

All we need from you in the process is;

  • Business vision and industry network/relevance
  • Fit and proper person requirements (ASQA) and professional background
  • Company and management structures
  • 9B compliant premises (for CRICOS registrations)
  • Physical, learning, and human resources
  • Financial viability
  • Legal business requirements – WHS, insurances etc.

If your proposed courses are within our available content range, we can very much provide you with all the other requirements, and take you through the registration process with ease within a short period of time.

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Contact us for any queries or questions.