Professional Websites with Contents – Designed for RTOs and CRICOS Providers

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As part of our complete business solution, we also provide quality website design and development services to RTOs and CRICOS providers. Along with professional-looking sites, we also ensure “compliant” information and contents to meet regulatory requirements.

We bring our knowledge and understanding of RTO structure, operations, and compliance requirements into website development. Our development process focuses on critical aspects of;

  • Design aesthetics
  • Visual appeal
  • Content quality, scope, and depth
  • User experience
  • Ease of navigation
  • Ease of search and download
  • Regulatory compliance

Specifically for RTOs, certain processes need to be captured for both user satisfaction and compliance, including;

  • Course information
  • Entry requirements
  • Application and enrolment process
  • Key policies and procedures
  • Pre-enrolment and pre-training processes
  • Student support services
  • Student information (e.g. timetables, fee schedule, forms, etc.)

We custom-develop content for each page and ensure that all the information is factual, accurate, and the latest.

With our development solutions, RTOs/clients have no further editing or customisation work. The website, including all the documents, forms, and emails become fully functional as soon as approved and finalised.

If needed, our development team can also provide assistance with domain name registration and hosting.

We can also upgrade and transition the old/existing website to the newest templates and designs.

Focus on Regulatory Compliance

We understand the compliance requirements for RTOs and CRICOS providers. Keeping regulatory compliance in mind, we provide a complete RTO website content, development, and hosting solution to new and existing providers. Includes;

  • WordPress website development – up to 50 pages. Education theme template and customisation;
  • Content writing for each page (documents and files to be provided by the client) and a compliance review report against relevant regulatory standards;
  • Client documents review and suggestions for improvements and rectifications, including suggestions for new documents/information to enhance compliance;
  • Blog, social media links and live feeds, login/secured pages and areas, and much more;
  • Plugin optimisation for blogs, forums, virtual classrooms, etc. – educational needs.

Contact us to discuss your specific website development needs. Email: [email protected] | Tel: 03 9620 3995